Are you disorganized? Do you have stacks of papers and stuff all over your desk, your office or your house? Clutter everywhere. Do you realize somewhere in your subconscious, you are aware of where things are in all of the clutter? Can you imagine the amount of energy and focus you would have if you didn’t use up all your potential just trying to remember where you put something?

Let’s call it “Brain Drain!” Having to think about where you have placed items in a crowded room is like finding a “needle in a haystack” all the time. What a massive waste of energy!

When was the last time you “forgot” where you put something? How long did it take you to find it? The interesting thing for people that are disorganized is when you find what you were looking for – you feel thrilled and happy and almost reward yourself for being able to find something in all the chaos! While, virtually every time, an organized person will find what they are looking instantly.  And if the saying is true, “time is money.” How much time do you waste on a regular basis just looking for stuff? This will cost you financially, as well!

Therefore, being organized helps with your time management. If you don’t control how and where you spend your time, your time will control you and how you spend your time. Keeping to a schedule and a To-Do List will help you manage your time better and also manage tasks and things you want to complete.

As you go through your day, it helped keep you motivated and focused, as well as having mini rewards by being able to check off items as you get them completed. However, this is a learning process, however. Many of the most successful people in the world swear by managing their time and following it to the minute. Everything from waking up, showering, coffee, exercise, work, family time. Everything is scheduled.

The interesting thing about being “organized” is – it’s much like time management. You don’t know good time management until you have experienced wasting time and poor time management. You may not understand how being “disorganized” is negatively impacting your life until you become “organized.”

Being organized helps reduce stress and anxiety, which we know have many adverse effects on our overall health and well-being. However, to stress over a schedule and a To-Do List is also counterproductive. Therefore, we know becoming organized has many benefits to your overall health and well-being. Also, becoming well organized is a process, like almost anything else.

Begin with implementing a schedule with a time cushion to help you feel like you have more time than needed and a To-Do List to track your activities. One of such activity could be to clean and organize your surroundings. You will feel better and have more positive energy.

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