Who is improving employee Retention, Engagement and Productivity (REP) in your organization? Does your company have a wellness program? The previously mentioned factors, REP, are the major elements in any organization today. A wellness program can enhance and appeal to employees and increase their sense of company buy-in for their presence in the organization. Think about REP, as the REPutation the organization is building with their workforce.

Many times, top management can be clouded by cost and time-management of a program – without seeing the real value in a wellness plan. Programs with consistent management and online tools and resources will grow the company’s benefits package and reduce healthcare cost per employee.

It is unrealistic to depend on an HR team to manage all aspects of a wellness program and takes a large piece of the employee engagement out of the process. Meliora offers an online system geared to meet the needs of many organizations and their employee population. Employees will interact more with their ‘own’ online user information and will create programs that will speak to other employees. HR presence is vital for oversight and staff support; total management is not necessary. And, HR will be able to use the online analytics and reports to show progress and successes. Once implemented, it is important to make the wellness program a primary focus; so employees feel the company cares about their wellbeing and the investment.

When employees feel valued, they work harder and are more engaged. Offering health and wellness programs that focus on improving their overall wellbeing, as opposed to providing just a healthcare plan, can decrease healthcare spending that is affecting the company’s bottom line. Naturally, daily activities and exercise is good for the body and can have positive effects on everyone’s mental fitness; relieving stress, improving memory, aiding in better sleep and boosting mood. A wellness program will have a ripple effect – making for fit and healthy employees. By maintaining REP, employees will be more adept which will decrease absenteeism, create loyalty and increase their overall job satisfaction. Meliora is ready to ‘workout’ your company’s wellness plan, is your company ready for Meliora?

Have a company intranet? Utilize this to boost morale and build a social network to reinforce the organization’s culture; to represent a community the company and the employees create. Ask employees their favorite activities they enjoy outside the office; find the things that will enlist them for company events and gatherings. Ask them to share their stories and wellness successes to encourage other to be more involved.

Support and participation from top management are critical; they will attract wellness champions within the organization, who will seek others to be involved and aware. Most employees come to work because they love what they do. Imagine this being the case for all employees. When implementing a program, make engagement easy for all staff to participate. Let Meliora work to shape the company’s REP and expand employee’s plight to wellness and better living.

Creating a simple wellness program that’s fun and social [with interaction on all levels of the business] will produce a powerful synergy for the entire work environment. Show employees the company cares with incentives and payouts for participation, including the reduction in benefit cost for achieving different levels. Offer employees a wellness program that is interactive; they can share with other staff and get their immediate family members involved will be priceless to any organization.

The Meliora team will explore a REP plan that’s right for your company; we will assist with each step of building the concept to implementation; we work hands-on to find solutions to the following questions:

  • Why do we need a wellness plan?
  • How ‘well’ is our employee population?
  • How do we increase employee engagement?
  • Have we asked our employees for their input?
  • How were healthcare cost affected by our employee’s health issues last year?
  • What were our overall absenteeism rates? And, how did this affect productivity?
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