Last week, we discussed Keyword: Wellness, which focused on the importance of taking a look at all dimensions of wellness and the definition of wellness being the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Wellness is essential to all of us. Many things in life can be a trigger to shift the focus from our wellbeing to other things we believe are more important, including taking care of others before you take care of yourself. Financial challenges can have more of an affect on your overall health then you might realize. Your eating habits can have an impact in your sleep habits. Good mental health is equally essential for your own state-of-mind, and includes your relationship with those around you – family members, friends, co-workers and neighbors, etc.

The most important  dimensions are Physical, Emotional, Nutritional, and Medical; let’s take a closer look:


Your body is the machine which moves us from A-Z through life. Daily activity is good for the mind, body and spirit. While physical fitness is important to keep your body well maintained. It can also keep you mind focused and conditioned to the routine. Which in turn will make you feel better and increase your mood and spirit. You will find strength and endurance you never knew existed.


Your mental state of mind can be the driving force for all other situations in your life. One should manage their outcomes, by first acknowledging if any mental health issues exist within yourself or within family members, and then seeking help. 99% of the time you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong, however the 1% will let you know. For the best outcome, seek a mental health care professional to receive advice and consultation.


Nutrition is critical to your wellness. For optimal performance good nutrition is highly recommended. Food intake, hydration and a balanced diet can give you the energy, clarity and strength you need to perform your daily task. Staying nutritionally balanced will assist in staying focused on your physical conditioning. Ensure you are getting your vitamins and minerals each day as well.


Maintaining annual doctor visits is the key to maintaining your overall health and wellbeing. You are able to prevent getting sick, future illness and pre-diagnosis. Understanding any prescription medication and following doctors and instructions provided on the medications is critical to avoid overuse causing future issues. Another recommendation is to have a first aid kit in order and easily accessible to you and your family.

The dimensions of wellness are interconnected; pay attention to all for good life balance. All aspects interweave when considering one’s core wellness. Each dimension is fundamental in the quest for optimal health. One can reach a significant level of wellness by understanding how to maintain and optimize each of the aspects of wellness. Assisting everyone in achieving their ‘actively pursued goal.’

Meliora provides the services to assist your population in spanning the dimensions of wellness that are critical to their overall wellbeing. Let, be your solution to develop the platform that allows employees to make their choices and focus on the wellness solution(s) that is right for them. To capture all the dimensions of wellness, we are your answer.

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